Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is widely regarded as the best long-range shooter in NBA history. But when it comes to the annual three-point NBA contest, Steph hasn’t had the success you expect from the 32-year-old sniper. He has entered six contests, winning just once in 2015. Curry last entered the contest in 2019, where he lost in the final. Many fans assumed we would never see him again in the three-point shootout, but a few weeks ago he made an appearance in the 2021 contest and on Tuesday, it has been formalized. The curry is one of the six All-Stars participating this year, while he may be the presumptive favorite, he will have some stiff competition as he tries to win his second trophy of the three-point contest.

Which brings us to today’s quiz. The three-point contest has been part of the NBA All-Star Game weekend since the 1985-86 season, and there have been 34 winners since. With that in mind, how many previous winners can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!