There are only two black Republicans in the House of Representatives and one wants to join the Congressional Black Caucus.

But the Congressional Black Caucus would be preventing him from joining their group.

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GOP spokesman Byron Donalds said: “All we have is the cold shoulder”

The Hill reported on Wednesday that according to a spokesperson for the congressman, “Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) And his staff have contacted members of the CBC on several occasions, but said “all we have is the cold shoulder.”

Fields claimed that Donalds also spoke to several caucus members, to no avail.

BuzzFeed News reported that a source said the caucus is blocking Donalds membership.

Donalds office thinks he’s blocked because he’s a Republican.

Donalds spokesman Harrison Fields said: “The sad reality is that although the congressman and the CBC are of the same race, the (R) behind his name disqualifies him from membership today. “

A CBC spokesperson would not specifically address the Donalds issue, but told The Hill in a statement that the group “remains committed to fighting for issues that support black communities, including the police accountability, protection of voting rights and an employment bill that helps our communities.

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CBC: “We will work with those who share our values”

The CBC spokesperson added, “We will work with those who share our values ​​and priorities for the voters we serve. “

The Hill noted, “Donald’s office highlighted his bipartisan efforts in Congress and his willingness to engage with the caucus. Fields said Donalds joined the Black Caucus in Florida while serving at State House and that his “intention as a US congressman is the same.”

The CBC currently has no GOP members, but black Republicans have been part of the group in the past.

The other black Republican in the House, Representative Burgess Owens of Utah, does not want to join the caucus.

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