Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), member of the Democratic “ Squad ”, described America as “racist AF” – a vulgar acronym for the “f word” – in response to Senator Tim Scott claiming that America is do not inherently racist.

Bush made the comments late last weekend, just days after Scott made his statement.

“Our communities would not have needed to start a national movement to save black lives if America was not a racist AF,” Bush tweeted.

‘AF’ is a acronym for “like f ***.”

A member of the Congress of the United States, elected by her constituents, who happens to be black, has just described the country in which she lives as “racist as f ***.”

Just an absolute class act. Well done, voters in the 1st Congressional District of Missouri.

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Cori Bush says America is a ‘racist AF’

Essence Magazine notes that Cori Bush’s comments that America is “racist AF” come just “three days after Senator Tim Scott and Vice President Kamala Harris both declared America was not a racist country.

Scott (R-SC), in his rebuttal speech to President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress last week, accused Democrats of pushing a racial divide by claiming that America has made no progress since the days of slavery.

“Listen to me clearly: America is not a racist country. It’s backward to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination, ”said Scott, who is also African American.

He added: “And it is wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down the debates of the present.”

Harris, meanwhile, agreed that America is not a “racist country,” but suggested that the nation should “tell the truth” about its history.

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Defund The Police

Essence reports that Bush’s office did not specifically say whether AF’s “racist” comments were directed at Scott or Harris, adding that they also came “days after she praised an “historic” vote to postpone the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Saint-Louis Metropolitan Police Department to see $ 4 million cut their budget – transferred to other programs – and 98 currently vacant police officer posts will be cut.

Mayor Tishaura Jones called for cutting funding to police and prisons while redirecting funds to social workers, affordable housing, homeless assistance and civil rights advocates.

“Today’s decision to postpone the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Service is historic. It marks a new future for our city, ”said Bush last Friday.

Saint Louis Last year saw more than 260 murders, which had the homicide rate at its highest in 50 years.

Bush has shown a penchant for retaliating against anyone who dares to suggest that cutting police funding is a bad idea. Even the Democrats.

She sued former President Barack Obama for denigrating the brigade’s efforts to dismantle the police as a simple “catchy” slogan.

“It’s not a slogan,” Bush retaliated. “It’s a mandate to keep our people alive. Defund the police. “

Not only does Bush despise law enforcement, but she is not a fan of the military either, having not only called for “defending the police” but also “defending the Pentagon”.

Scott, for his efforts to refuse to bow to the anti-American crowd, was the subject of a racial slur that followed for hours on social media and Democratic politicians who also used reprehensible insults.

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