Alex Smith officially announced his retirement earlier this week, but according to Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated, the veteran quarterback probably could have extended his career as several teams were interested in signing Smith.

While Smith knew he was probably ready to end his NFL career, Bishop wrote that he was ready to listen to the teams’ offers, and several tried to add him. The Jacksonville Jaguars offered him a chance to advise Trevor Lawrence, although the team’s orthopedic surgeon revealed after a physical exam that the non-union fracture in his leg had not fully healed.

“Still, Jacksonville did offer a contract, although Jags general manager Trent Baalke wanted Smith to sign a special waiver for his leg and suggested any team would ask for the same,” Bishop wrote.

The Jaguars weren’t the only ones chasing Smith, as the Texans, Patriots, Eagles and Colts all contacted Smith. However, like in Jacksonville, there were concerns about his leg. And in almost all of these cases, Smith was unlikely to be the starter.

So rather than risking his health more or playing a role on the bench, Smith ended his career on a high note, having won the Player of the Year award and helping lead Washington to the playoffs.