Russell Wilson is set to leave the offseason drama that has cast doubt on his future in Seattle.

The Seahawks quarterback told reporters Thursday he had not requested a trade after coming out of the first-round playoffs last season.

“I did not ask for an exchange,” Wilson told reporters repeatedly at a press conference Thursday, by the Tacoma News Tribune. “Obviously, I love Seattle.… I’ve always wanted to play here my whole career.”

The statement does not correlate with Wilson’s agent saying ESPN in February that he was ready to give up his no-trade clause for the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders or Chicago Bears. Technically, he didn’t ask for an exchange. On the contrary, he made it known to Seattle that he would be ready to play for other teams.

Wilson was asked about this report, and he said there was a lot of confusion.

“I think there was a lot of confusion,” he said. “Everyone was saying I asked for a trade. And that wasn’t true. So we made it clear that I didn’t ask for a trade. There were teams moving to these teams, this and that.”

Wilson added that he wanted to play in Seattle, but if he had to go elsewhere, these are the teams he would consider playing for.

While the Seahawks were never willing to trade Wilson, his frustration during the offseason was real. In February, he said he was upset that he had been too affected. Then there was a report that tensions between Wilson and Pete Carroll’s coaching staff prompted the quarterback to walk out of the room in a game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Now that both sides have moved on, it looks like Wilson is set for another season in Seattle. If things don’t go well in 2021, he may finally demand a trade.