The Democratic Party has an image problem in Central America – a revelation that doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to most of our readers. This is, apparently, a surprise to the National Democrats.

Axios reports that a growing number of House Democrats the candidates say the party is going to have to dramatically improve its image and rhetoric if Democrats are to have any chance of winning in the heart of the country.

Democratic strategists told Axios they are indeed advising their rural clients to move away from the National Party image – telling them to avoid “fancy” language, to begin with.

Such advice dovetails with the message legendary Democratic strategist James Carville told anyone who wants to hear it: The over-arousal of National Democrats is hurting the party.

“A lot of times Democrats come across this metropolitan arrogance, this urban smugness that people feel, and it hurts us,” Carville said.

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has not always been a problem

The issue of having a split personality hasn’t always been a problem for Democrats. Long considered the party of “The worker” the Democrats were the best friend of the unions and other blue collar workers of the American working class.

But these working class people also cared about social issues. And having party members like former President Barack Obama talk about working class people “clinging to guns and religion,” and Hillary Clinton talking about “baskets of deplorable,” hasn’t helped.

Plus, just look at any sample of wake-up word salad used by National Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to cringe any rural voter.

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Democrats try to decide if they need rural voters

The Democratic Party itself is doing things difficult for rural Democratic candidates.

The party has more than demonstrated its affinity for a coalition of black and Latino urban voters, the transgender community and environmental activists as the party’s desired base to pursue a far-left agenda.

It is this strategy of driving the agenda of the utmost importance to the party. Washington Post reporter Holly Bailey wrote that many party members think it is “crazy” to try to attract rural voters.

She also writes: “Rather than focus on chasing a deeply conservative electorate who loves guns, opposes abortion and is firmly on the GOP camp, Democrats need to focus on enthusiasm. people who share their values ​​”.

One activist said: “Instead of chasing and obsessing over voters who aren’t obsessed with us… what if we invest in voters who are more likely to vote Democrats? Women of color vote 3 to 1 for Democrats, compared to whites. It does not make sense to use a strategy that we know causes an election to lose.

Many progressive Democrats believe that paying attention to a population they believe to be predominantly white, and therefore over-represented, should be downplayed, not reinforced.

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Reconcile the two faces of the party

Several Democratic consultants have said that while some democratic policies are popular in rural areas, it’s the messaging that is the problem.

Monica Tranel, who is running for the newly added seat of Montana House, said in a new announcement: “So many people I grew up with no longer vote Democrats.” She added that “they feel like Democrats despises rural America.

The state has been represented by a Republican representative for almost 25 years.

Another example: Longtime Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH), who is running for the Senate, in a three-minute ad never says he’s a Democrat.

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