America is at its best when it respects the principles and limits of government set forth in the US Constitution.

America is at its worst when shady politicians and elites ignore the Constitution to empower themselves and enrich themselves.

For those who know him, the former congressman and Republican presidential candidate never mince words – and his incredible Congressional farewell speech is the perfect way to honor the American Revolution.

Paul 2012: “Our Constitution, which aimed to limit the power and abuse of government, has failed”

When libertarian icon and former US Congressman from Texas Ron Paul left Congress in 2012, he told the world that the political class had long overthrown the limited principles of government that made America great. .

It was a message that closely resembled that of Donald Trump four years later.

In his farewell address in Congress, he did not hold back.

“Our Constitution, which aimed to limit the power and abuse of government, has failed,” Paul said on the floor of the House during his 2012 farewell to the House.

“The founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people,” Paul said. “The current crisis shows that their concerns were justified. “

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While in the House since 1976 (he left Congress for a time and returned in 1996), Paul is perhaps best known for his 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential campaigns, in which thousands of people, mostly young people, attended his election rallies.

At the time, Paul came close to a household name.

Paul said in 2012, “All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine freedom and improve the welfare / war state, and frequently their own wealth and power. “

Paul continued, “If it is not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring freedom, central economic planning, welfarism and warfarism caused our crisis, we can expect a continued march. and dangerous towards corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our freedoms. . “

Then Congressman Paul said Washington leaders refused to admit the country was bankrupt.

“The main stumbling block to real change in Washington is complete resistance to admitting that the country is broke,” Paul said. “This made the compromise, just to agree to increase spending, inevitable because neither side intends to cut spending.”

“The country and Congress will continue to divide because there is no more loot to share.”

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Paul on America’s Acceptance of Freedom

“I have given a lot of thought to why those of us who believe in freedom as a solution have so poorly been able to convince others of its benefits,” Paul reflected in his last speech in the House. .

He continued, “If freedom is what we say it is – the principle that protects all personal, social and economic decisions necessary for maximum prosperity and the best chance for peace – it should be an easy sell.

“Yet history has shown that the masses have been quite receptive to authoritarian promises that are rarely if ever kept,” lamented Paul.

Paul’s message – the message of the Founding Fathers – is a message we need to remember this July 4th.

Watch Paul’s speech below:

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