Republican Representative Lee Zeldin announced he was running for governor of New York, saying Andrew Cuomo had to be ousted in order to “save our state”.

“I’m running for governor of New York in 2022,” Zeldin said in an interview with “Fox & Friends”. “We are going to win this race.”

In an accompanying statement, Zeldin pledged to “bring the kind of fighting and relentless spirit to help save our state that Andrew Cuomo only reserves for multi-million dollar book offers, cover-ups, abuse and personal transactions.

And while highlighting Cuomo’s “long series of scandals,” the Republican focused on what he has to offer the Empire State, including pushing back the impacts of bad “tax policy,” “the public security ”and“ attacks on our freedoms ”. “

Zeldin went on to suggest that the current woes in New York are due to the one-party Democratic regime in New York and Albany.

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Lee Zeldin wants to save New York from Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo has become vulnerable in recent times, currently plagued by several scandals including:

  • Force nursing homes to welcome COVID-positive patients.
  • Obstruct justice by hiding data on these deaths and stripping figures from DOH reports.
  • Numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, including a police report involving the forced groping of an assistant.
  • Intimidation and threats from fellow legislators and members of the media.
  • Under investigation for a $ 4 million book contract profiting from the pandemic by having assistants write and edit parts using state resources.

“Cuomo has abused the power and the trust placed in him and it is time for him to step out of the left leg immediately,” said Lee Zeldin.

He owns actively called for Cuomo’s impeachment in the face of resignation resistance because of his numerous scandals.

But he intelligently notes that it’s not just the details of these salacious accusations that are the problem – it’s Cuomo’s inability to run the state competently.

“New York, which was once a magnet for the best and brightest in the world, is now forcing its own to leave under the crushing weight of soaring taxes, lost jobs, stifling regulations and growing crime resulting from dangerously policy. liberal, “Zeldin accused.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo is leading the fall of New York.”

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Cuomo’s budget includes aid for illegal immigrants

Speaking of skyrocketing taxes and incentives to leave the state, The New York Times on Tuesday reported that Governor Cuomo and the New York legislature had come to an agreement on a budget of $ 212 billion.

The budget includes “tax increases” for the rich – or job creators – as well as “a $ 2.1 billion fund to provide one-time payments to undocumented workers who were not eligible for cash checks. federal stimulus or unemployment benefits.

New York Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy issued a statement criticizing the budget proposal while saying the only thing that can save New York is a new governor.

“The only thing this budget accomplishes is the accelerated decline of our state,” Langworthy said. “It’s a $ 212 billion tax mess that will push the mass exodus from New York to the point of no return.”

“This budget clearly shows that the only way to save New York is to elect a Republican governor who will resist this madness and return common sense to the state government,” he added.

Will Lee Zeldin be the man to do this?

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