Jamal Adams wants a new contract before the start of the season, but it doesn’t look like negotiations between him and the Seattle Seahawks have been successful recently.

Seattle Times’ Adam Jude and Bob Condotta reported this week that Adams and the Seahawks were approximately $ 4 million difference in annual compensation at the start of training camp. They were about to meet in the middle after about a week of camp, but talks have stalled since.

On Friday, the Seahawks offered Adams $ 17.5 million a year over four years. The offer included about $ 38 million guaranteed, according to the Seattle Times. Adams’ camp responded by asking for $ 40 million guaranteed and more bonus money over the first three years of the deal rather than spreading it over the four. However, the Seahawks would not “budge”. There have been no further negotiations since this counter-offer.

Adams attended the Seahawks camp but did not train. Starting left tackle Duane Brown, who also wants a new contract, takes the same approach. Russell Wilson would ready to restructure its deal to help Seattle pay Adams and Brown, but there’s no indication the team wants to go that route.

A salary of $ 17.5 million would make Adams the highest-paid security in the NFL by far. He had 9.5 sacks last season and has been used in many blitz scenarios, which is why he wants to be paid as a safety / linebacker hybrid. Bobby Wagner earns $ 18 million a year in Seattle.

The Seahawks wouldn’t have given up two first-round picks if they expected Adams to go in free agency. It would be surprising if the two sides could not come to an agreement in the near future.