A much darker shade of red could be on the horizon for Republicans in the Senate, as moderate GOP senators in five states retire, and many candidates vying to replace them are unafraid to run on a Trumpian “Make America Great Again” platform.

Of the senators retiring in these five states, it’s hard to imagine anyone replacing them would be more moderate. .

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Some key races

Retiring in North Carolina and Pennsylvania Senators Richard Burr and Pat Toomey both voted to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, a vote that put them in hot water with their respective states parties.

North Carolina candidate Mark Walker said, “Bad vote, Senator Burr. I am running to replace Richard Burr because North Carolina needs a true Conservative champion as their next senator. “

Ted Budd – who was supported by Donald Trump, too lambasted Burr’s vote.

But it’s not just voters who want Trump back.

In Ohio, incumbent Senator Rob Portman was one of the architects of the bipartisan trillion-dollar infrastructure deal. Out of ten Republicans who run or plan to run, six of those candidates do not support the infrastructure bill.

Populist Brandon and author JD Vance, candidate for Portman’s Seat said, “The Republicans are going out of their way to get this deal. Really, it’s just partisan ax work.

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The Changing Face of the Republican Party

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, one thing is for sure, he has changed the face of the Republican Party and who it appeals to. This is a sentiment shared by North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley, who said:

“Trump reshaped the Republican Party. We are now a party of blue collar workers. We are a first American party. It’s a different party than it was when [retiring Missouri Sen.] Roy Blunt and Richard Burr were first elected. And I don’t think the party is coming back. It’s hard on China, protect the border, fight for the Second Amendment, fight for life. This has been an extremely popular program with the grassroots. “

But the new face of the party will not change without the old one fighting.

And because Republicans have no margin for error if they want to win back the Senate, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously said he is more than willing to step in in the GOP primaries where he sees “eligibility” issues.

Which means McConnell and the GOP establishment will do whatever it takes to keep aliens out … from entering.

There won’t be another place where “eligibility issues” are more exposed than in Missouri.

Among the candidates vying for the seat of Senator Roy Blunt is former Governor Eric Greitens.

Greitens was elected in 2016, but resigned due to a sex scandal in 2018. His candidacy worries Missouri GOP officials. Greitens ran for governor as an “outsider” and said he had no plans to follow in Roy Blunt’s footsteps.

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Afghanistan changes everything

In less than a year, Americans have put up with higher gas prices, food prices, COVID and a wide open southern border thanks to the Biden administration.

But aside from all the expert analysis and predictions, the only huge, horrific game changer could be Afghanistan. The incompetence and incompetence of the Biden administration has also been fully exposed with no signs that it will improve anytime soon.

While traditionally it is domestic issues that are at the forefront of the midterm elections, and there is plenty to do, there are exceptions. Vietnam in 1968, Iran in 1980 and terrorism in the Middle East in 2004.

Democrats can expect Americans to have short memories, but Republicans know that’s what political ads are for. And in this case, even some Democrats want a full investigation into how it went so horribly wrong.

But old Pennsylvania State GOP Chairman Rob Gleason said don’t count Donald Trump and his supporters anytime soon.

“The primaries have low turnout, but you can count on the Trump people because they always come to rallies, they always fly Trump flags, they always wave Trump signs. In all of these states we’re talking about, Trump supporters are still very active and because of all the issues with this presidency now, they just don’t feel more energetic. They feel justified.

It can be a good sign for all of those dark red candidates.

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