Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are back in the NFL – sort of.

According to Derek volner From ESPN’s newsroom, the Manning Brothers will be the “Monday Night Football” specials that will air on ESPN2 while standard TV shows will air on ESPN or ABC depending on the week and game. In total, the Quadruple Combined Super Bowl Champions will play 10 games in each of the next three seasons from a remote location and will be joined by a host to be named as well as celebrities and well-known current and former players.

The shows will be produced by ESPN in cooperation with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions.

“This partnership with ESPN and The Walt Disney Company reflects an ongoing and shared commitment to providing fans with fun and innovative content,” Peyton Manning said for the prepared statement. “ESPN + has been a great partner for Omaha Productions as we built the ‘The Places’ franchise and we’re excited to co-create a new MegaCast format that will have something for everyone.”

ESPN + already offers both “Peyton’s Places” and “Eli’s Places”, so the brothers are no stranger to working alongside the world leader. While Peyton is arguably the more famous of the two among non-New York fans, Eli developed a reputation for being a prankster during his playing days: