House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected recommendations from Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to sit on the select committee to investigate the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, prompting House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy to withdraw all Republican choice of the committee.

McCarthy even threatened to conduct his own investigation into the events if Pelosi didn’t change course.

Earlier this week, McCarthy announced that he had chosen five Republican representatives to sit on the committee – Jordan (OH), Banks (IN), Rodney Davis (IL), Kelly Armstrong (AL) and Troy Nehls (TX).

Banks, who, along with Jordan and Nehls, opposed certify the results of the 2020 presidential election, had been chosen to serve as a ranking member.

Jordan is a staunch and very vocal ally of former President Trump.

Pelosi (D-CA) decided that she couldn’t have individuals with opposing views on the committee, rejecting Banks and Jordan.

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Pelosi refuses to allow Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to sit on “bipartisan” select committee

Nancy Pelosi’s decision to reject the opposition party’s selections to sit on a select committee is probably expected by most of our readers.

“Out of respect for the integrity of the investigation, insisting on the truth and worrying about the statements made and the actions taken by these members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan,” he said. she announced.

The move prompted McCarthy to hold a press conference, noting that Banks and Jordan currently sit on other standing committees and accusing Pelosi of taking power.

“President Nancy Pelosi took the unprecedented step of refusing the minority party’s selections for the select committee on January 6,” McCarthy said in a statement.

“This represents a flagrant abuse of power and will irreparably damage this institution,” he continued.

“Denying the voice of members who served in the army and law enforcement, as well as the leaders of the standing committees, has made it undeniable that this panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility and shows that the President is more interested in to do politics only to seek the truth, ”McCarthy said.

He added that if Pelosi didn’t change course, he would remove all Republicans from the committee and continue “our own investigation into the facts.”

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Liz Cheney praises Pelosi

Anti-Trump Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), the only Republican chosen by Pelosi to sit on the committee because of her anti-Trump history, naturally sang the House Speaker’s praise for his naked partisanship.

“At every opportunity, the minority leader tried to prevent the American people from understanding what happened, to block this investigation,” she said.

Cheney, who has been stripped of his leadership role due to his inability to focus on representing the Republican Party as opposed to his hatred of the former president, suggested that McCarthy should no longer be the GOP leader of bedroom.

“Anyone in third place for the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the Constitution and a commitment to the rule of law, and Minority Leader McCarthy has not done so,” she said.

Had Cheney gone for a smart answer, she would have at least tangentially criticized Pelosi for the move and promoted the charade that the two were interested in a fair and balanced select committee.

Even before Pelosi’s decision, Banks and Jordan hammered home the seriousness or the lack of seriousness of the select committee.

Jordan called it an “impeachment, third round”, while Banks accused Pelosi of creating the committee “only to slander the Tories and justify the authoritarian left agenda.”

It should be noted that Pelosi’s decision appears to have hinged in part on Jordan and Banks opposing certification of election results, which Democrats insisted on contributing to the protest on Capitol Hill.

In fact, Cheney alluded to it in his response, suggesting that Jordan “may be an important witness to the events leading up to this day.”

Someone might want to ask Cheney and Pelosi about the presence of Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on the select committee in this case.

Democrats, including Raskin, tried to oppose the certification of Donald Trump’s electoral votes in 2017 on 11 distinct occasions.

Using the Democratic Party’s own standard today, one could argue that the constant insistence that Trump did not really win the 2016 election led to incitement to violence on his inauguration day.

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