Publication by filmmaker and journalist Morgan Pehme an editorial accusing the Cuomo administration of terrorizing him for attempting to publish a story that denounced the governor of New York for distorting the truth.

The charges come as a state lawmaker has also accused the governor of making harassing career-threatening phone calls.

Pehme’s column, published in the New York Post, accuses Cuomo’s secretary Melissa DeRosa of “threatening to destroy me” from the fur by telling a negative story in 2014.

The former editor-in-chief of City & State, a New York-based political magazine, says that although DeRosa was the one who called, he knew it was at his boss’ request.

“While the April 2014 call I received from DeRosa did not come directly from the governor, I knew he was carrying the full weight of his power,” he writes.

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Journalist accuses Cuomo of terrorizing and threatening to report the truth

The problem, according to Morgan Pehme, was that City & State “was about to publish an article exposing Cuomo’s machinations to distort the final report released by the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.”

Cuomo “hastily closed …” the public corruption commission, Said Pehme. And the fact that he was about to be exposed led to a phone call from DeRosa at 4:30 a.m.

“I can’t remember precisely everything DeRosa threw at me, although I’m sure she swore to ‘destroy’ my career and get revenge for my post,” recalls Pehme. “I remember very well what I felt: fear.

“I had no reason to believe these were empty threats,” he continued. “I was fully aware of the governor’s volcanic temper and his track record of revenge.

“If he wanted to crush me, he could and probably would.”

Pehme notes that his publication published the story “as the press is supposed to face bullying.”

The problem being, for every example of journalistic courage in New York City, there are countless examples of cowards bowing down to threats from Governor Cuomo or, worse, trying to curry favor with him and his associates.

This is how he quietly coped with the harassing behavior for so long.

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The story of Cuomo’s bullying

Pehme alleges Governor Andrew Cuomo terrorizing those who may have negative information about him is common knowledge behind the scenes in New York City.

He refers to recent shocking allegations by State Deputy Ron Kim, a Democrat who claims Cuomo called him and tried to convince him to issue a statement covering the recent nursing home scandal in which the governor is involved. .

When that didn’t work, he vowed to ruin Kim’s career.

Kim reported that Cuomo, in a phone conversation, said “we’re in this business together and we’re not crossing some lines,” adding that Kim “hadn’t seen his anger” and “I can destroy you. “.

“Many Americans are shocked to have embraced the compassionate personality Cuomo conveyed in his pandemic briefings,” Pehme writes.

“But Kim’s revelations did not surprise anyone who dealt with the governor,” he adds. “As an Albany insider texted me last week, ‘Everyone has an Andrew Cuomo story.'”

The Cuomo administration is currently under investigation by the FBI and an American lawyer in Brooklyn for his administration’s COVID nursing home scandal.

The scandal exploded earlier this month when DeRosa admitted on a conference call to fellow Democrats that the administration had withheld information about COVID nursing home deaths from federal investigators.