New poll from conservative popular media The Daily Wire shows that a majority of Americans dislike Major League Baseball’s decision to move this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta due to the recent change in election laws in Georgia.

The poll, which was conducted in cooperation with SurveyMonkey, also found that most respondents supported the reforms.

Respondents also indicated whether they were self-identified baseball fans or consumers of products like Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines, two companies that have taken positions on this issue similar to MLB.

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“ Businesses and sports teams should generally stay out of politics ”

According to the survey, 64% of those polled, including self-identified baseball fans, Delta Air Lines customers and Coca-Cola buyers, said they are “less likely to support” companies that political controversies are injected.

When asked if they agreed with this statement: “Businesses and sports teams should generally stay out of politics,” 70% of survey participants agreed.

The MLB’s decision to move its All-Star Game stems from a disagreement with new electoral reforms signed by Republican Gov. of Georgia Brian Kemp.

The new law requires voters to present identification with missing ballots combined with other provisions that supporters of the legislation say actually expand early voting.

Criticism complaint the new law could suppress minority votes similar to the era of apartheid or “Jim Crow” South.

Besides MLB, Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola have condemned the legislation.

78 percent of support ID requirements for absentee voting

Respondents to the survey also strongly supported certain specificities of the new law.

The Daily Wire reported that it “has polled Americans on the provisions of Georgia’s new election laws (using paraphrased descriptions of the law from news reports) and found that several of them are in fact popular.”

This was when the outlet showed its greatest number to date.

“A total of 78% of respondents, including a majority of self-identified Democrats, MLB fans, non-white Americans and all age groups, support Georgia’s voter identification requirements for the absentee vote, ”noted Daily Wire.

The report continued: “And 63% of respondents, including 48% Democrats, support restrictions on the offer of freebies, including refreshments, to voters near polling stations and in the queue to vote. . “

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Support for the new law has grown over time

“Another 67% of respondents, including a majority of Democrats and minorities, support Georgia’s new regulations on the ballot box,” the outlet added.

The poll also showed that support for the new law increased in Georgia once citizens understood it better.

During the debate on the bill, “42% of the respondents said they supported Georgia’s electoral laws, while 38% said they were against.”

But “after reading the summaries of the provisions of the law, 71% of respondents said they were ‘more in favor’ of electoral reforms,” ​​observed the Daily Wire.

The survey interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,026 Americans.

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