The New York Mets could have at least an extra day to continue contract negotiations with four-time All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor, after all.

According to Jessica Camerato from the official MLB website and other sources, the Washington Nationals had at least one player tested positive for COVID-19 before the regular season opens Thursday at home against the Mets. Five others, meanwhile, are in quarantine and will not be available for the scheduled match:

The MLB and MLB Players Association had done well to limit positive cases of COVID-19 throughout spring training camps, and they announced last Friday that only two new players and two staff members had tested positive for the coronavirus in the previous week. Until that point, MLB had reported 33 positive COVID-19 test results in total, 25 from players, from admission tests to arrival in spring training.

While MLB had yet to address Washington’s new concerns over COVID-19, the Nationals and Mets left on Friday before resuming their streak on Saturday. The league, in theory, could push the game to open until Friday to allow the Nationals to conduct further testing for COVID-19 and ensure they don’t face a potential outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Mets and Lindor remain very distant in contract negotiations. New York reportedly offered him a 10-year, $ 325 million contract, but his side countered with a 12-year contract worth $ 385 million. The 27-year-old has repeatedly stated that he will not continue contract negotiations after opening day, but that date could now be a moving target for the Mets.