Many expected the Dallas Mavericks to be a top team in the Western Conference, but almost 30 games into the season, they’ve struggled to stay in the playoff image. The team’s disappointing performance sparked rumors that they may be exploring trades involving Kristaps Porzingis, but those rumors were shut down by Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who said the team was not exploring. at all to swap the star.

“This is not correct,” Cuban tells Dallas Morning News’ Brad Townsend asked about the rumors. “We didn’t discuss him in an exchange at all. That didn’t happen.”

Cuban also responded to reports from an anonymous Western Conference executive who criticized Porzingis’ fit for Luka Doncic this season, saying he was “not happy” and believed that business rumors weren’t there. was just an excuse for this person to denigrate the Mavericks.

“I think they just used it as a way to let people know what they think about KP,” Cuban said.

So, for now, Porzingis remains with the Mavericks. If things don’t turn around in Dallas, however, don’t be surprised if more rumors start to emerge about the squad possibly trying to trade the 25-year-old to improve his chances of making a playoff run.