Judge Jeanine Pirro torched President Joe Biden on his Fox News show this weekend as she wondered why he had given “legitimacy to a terrorist organization.”

Pirro rings off

“National security officials and the president warn another attack is likely just days after a suicide bomber killed 13 US servicemen at the airport,” Pirro said. “The attack comes as the Biden administration continues to rely on the Taliban to bring our men and women home safely.”

“And despite the murderous scene, the president refuses to budge on his deadline, insisting that we will be out by August 31, although the administration admits that the Americans will be left behind,” he said. she adds.

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“At no time in the history of the United States have I been aware of an administration leaving the Americans behind, let alone admitting that it is prepared to leave the Americans behind because of a deal. that she spent with a terrorist organization, “Pirro continued.

“Why were the Taliban allowed to examine the manifestos of those on their way to the airport?” Why did the Taliban receive biometrics from our Afghan partners, essentially a death sentence for those who helped America? »She concludes. “Why does the President of the United States give legitimacy to a terrorist organization?” “

Pirro goes after Biden

It came a week after Pirro blamed Biden’s “incompetence” and “incompetence” for the chaos in Afghanistan.

“Mark this day as the day the United States of America officially fell out of favor as a world superpower, due to the incompetence, incompetence and dereliction of duty of a so-called commander in chef, ”Pirro said of him. Fox News show the previous Saturday. “A groping, liar, foolish fool unable to bring innocent Americans and Afghan allies out from behind enemy lines into the war zone we entered 20 years ago. “

“As American families of those trapped behind enemy lines, as Afghan Americans whose families have helped us, and indeed Americans from all walks of life are glued to this crisis on television,” he said. -she adds. “They are met with government officials who not only are not forthright, or are confused or outright lying.”

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“The Taliban have taken over”

“Obviously, the Taliban have taken over. They have our guns and we can’t even bring the Americans to the airport, ”she said. “How do you expect an American in danger overseas to believe you?” One day you tell us to go to the airport, but you cannot ensure a safe passage to that airport. The next day the Americans are told to just go to that airport anyway. “

“Today we are told not to go to the airport,” she concluded. “This, despite your promise to use all resources to carry out the mission. You cannot guarantee passage to an airport in a third world country that we have controlled for 20 years.

This article was written by James Samson on August 31, 2021. It was originally published in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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