Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed on Wednesday that investigators had determined the cause of the single-car crash involving golf icon Tiger Woods on the morning of February 23.

Speak Associated press (h / t ESPN) and TMZ Sports, however, Villanueva explained that he would not reveal details of the crash due to unspecified privacy concerns.

“A cause has been determined; the investigation is over,” Villanueva said.

“We have contacted Tiger Woods and his staff … There are privacy concerns when disclosing information about the investigation, so we will ask them if they are waiving privacy and then we can do a post. complete on all information concerning the accident. “

Returning on February 24, Villanueva said there was no evidence Woods was weakened at the time of the wreckage and that he did not expect the 45-year-old to face any criminal charges. Detectives eventually obtained a warrant for Woods’ SUV black box, and an affidavit revealed that a man said he found Woods unconscious inside the vehicle shortly after the crash. Woods reportedly said he didn’t remember driving that morning.

“We have everything in the black box, we have everything,” added Villanueva. “It is completed, signed, sealed and delivered. However, we cannot release it without permission from those involved in the collision.”

TMZ reports that investigators believe Woods “never applied the brakes when he was off the road” and found evidence to suggest he was “speeding up and accelerating” seconds before the crash. However, they did not ask for a search warrant for Woods’ blood.

Woods suffered fractures to the tibia and fibula bones in his right leg which were stabilized by emergency surgery. The status of his golfing career is unclear at the end of March.