Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (R) was humiliated this week after the Republican Governors Association (RGA) found a unique way to make her pay for her strict COVID-19 lockdown policies that led to the loss of thousands jobs in restaurants in his State.

Anti-Whitmer Coasters Distributed in Michigan

The RGA announced that the PAC Get Michigan Working Again is making a ‘four-digit digital buy’ on social media and distributing coasters to Michigan bars, connecting patrons FireTheDamnGovernor.com, which is a play on Whitmer’s 2018 campaign slogan “Fix the Damn Roads”.

“Raise a drink, have some beers and hope she won’t be ruled in 4 years,” read the post on the roller coaster next to an arrow pointing at the besieged incumbent. The other side of the roller coaster says 38% of small businesses have closed in the past year and 392,100 jobs have been lost.

“Gov. Whitmer almost killed this business, ”one reads.

The coaster includes a QR code that links to the website, where the RGA said business owners can request coasters.

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Letter accompanying the coasters

“As fellow restaurateurs, we stand in solidarity with you and salute your hard work in making your establishment operate during these difficult times,” said Bobby Nahra of Encore Catering & Banquet Center and Thad Sokowronski of Bar Beverage Logistics in a letter sent. . with the coasters.

The letter continued:

“This is no small feat, especially given all the extreme policies and roadblocks Governor Whitmer put in place to shut us down. Over the past year, the number of small businesses opening in Michigan has declined by 38% and nearly 400,000 jobs have been lost due to its mismanagement of COVID-19. [coronavirus] pandemic.

Small businesses like yours are the backbone of Michigan’s economy and Whitmer’s policies have pushed them to the brink of destruction. Help us remove her from office and elect a new governor who has Michigan’s best interests at heart. “

“A fellow restaurateur has even been arrested and thrown in jail for refusing to shut down his business and comply with Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s massive abuse of power.

It is heinous that Attorney General Nessel’s office arrest this restaurant owner, but refuses to investigate the thousands of COVID-19 nursing home deaths in Michigan that may have been caused by the governor’s policies. From the retirement home scandal to buying government silence to choking the economy, it is clear that Governor Whitmer cannot be trusted to lead our great state.

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Conclusion of the letter

“We ask you to join our campaign against Governor Whitmer. Governor Whitmer does not have the best interests of the citizens of Michigan at heart, let alone business leaders like us! They concluded. “Michigan deserves better than Gretchen Whitmer!”

Michigan restaurants can still only be open at 50 percent of capacity, an order Whitmer extended until May 24, according to ABC 12. All restaurants in the state are also due to close at 11 p.m.

This article was written by James Samson on May 4, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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