Former Detroit Police Chef James Craig announced Wednesday evening “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he will run as governor of Michigan against outgoing Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

Craig, who is African American, has spoken out openly against the far left, especially regarding the “defund the police” movement and the draconian lockdowns of COVID.

Craig said one of the reasons he’s showing up is to oppose the tough lockdown policies put in place by Whitmer during the COVID outbreak.

Craig said of Whitmer that she “follows different rules – she just does it”. He also said he wanted to help “small businesses suffering from the pandemic” who are being offered handouts when they “cannot even hire employees.”

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Craig would bring a new approach

James Craig would certainly bring a new voice and a Michigan Governor’s Office New Approach. Craig spent 44 years in law enforcement, eight of which headed the Detroit Police Department.

During his announcement, he pointed out to Carlson that during the riots last summer following the death of George Floyd which raged in most major American cities, that Detroit “did not burn”.

Earlier this year, he ripped apart Rashida Tlaib, a far-left member of the “squad”, for his calls to abolish the police.

“She’s reckless,” Craig told Fox 2 Detroit. “I would love to see her quit. I’d throw a farewell party for him.

“Who is she talking to?” He continued. “When you talk about police abolition, incarceration, when you talk about safe cities, what do you think the people of Detroit want? “

Craig started his law enforcement career in Detroit, then spent 28 years with the Los Angeles Police Department. He also served as a police chief in Portland, Maine and Cincinnati, Ohio before returning home to Detroit.

Craig, who is currently considered the top frontrunner to win the Republican nomination, joins an already crowded field of Republican candidates that includes chiropractor and anti-lockdown activist Garrett Soldano, and conservative commentator Tudor Dixon.

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Gretchen Whitmer and COVID-19

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer rose to fame, or infamous, for its rigid locking decrees at the height of the pandemic. While she issued stay-at-home orders like many other governors and ordered the closure of schools and businesses, there were also questionable restrictions that called into question the extent of the governor’s powers.

Forbes reported in April 2020 that Whitmer had banned the sale of gardening supplies, saying it fell under the non-essential heading, and had ordered all stores over 50,000 square feet to close their garden centers.

When announcing the order, she said, “If you’re not buying food, medicine, or other essentials, you shouldn’t be going to the store.”

After much uproar, Whitmer rescinded the order on April 24. But this did not stop GOP lawmakers from suing Whiter in May 2020, claiming that Whitmer was acting illegally and overstepping his authority.

The case eventually went to the Michigan Supreme Court, who ruled that Whitmer had violated its constitutional authority by issuing ordinances to fight the pandemic without consulting the legislator.

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Response from opponents

During his appearance with Tucker Carlson, Chief Craig said he would hold Governor Whitmer responsible and show him “what leadership is like”.

Carlson asked Craig if he was ready for anything the Democrats threw at him.

Craig’s response: “Oh, they’re throwing it at me now, Tucker.” They know I’m on your show tonight. Carlson jokingly said, “Wait until they call you a white supremacist,” to which Craig said, “Bring it on. I’m ready for this…!”

After Craig appeared on Carlson’s show, Michigan Democratic Party issue a response:

“Tonight, James Craig made his 28th appearance on the National Network for bringing absolutely nothing new to the table in his ‘exclusive’ with Tucker Carlson. By avoiding local reporters and Michigan voters, Craig has once again shown that he is nothing but a typical politician who will do whatever it takes to avoid determining his position on every key issue. imaginable, whether it is health, public education, roads maintain the momentum of our recovering economy. Our working families deserve a leader who will put them first, which is exactly what Governor Whitmer has shown with the major investments she has recently made in all of these areas, all without raising taxes.

You can watch the full appearance of James Craig with Tucker Carlson here:

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