Back on August 3, it was learned that 27 teams had reached the COVID-19 vaccination threshold of 85% among players which allows the relaxation of certain restrictions and protocols related to the virus.

Thusday, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk updated that five clubs were still below an 88% vaccination rate on Wednesday morning. One team had only reached 74% before the first full weekend of preseason games.

Seven clubs had reached or exceeded 97%, and one team had 99% of its players vaccinated. It has previously been reported that the Minnesota Vikings, the Washington football team, the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals were among the franchises with the lowest vaccination rates in the league.

The NFL and NFL Players Association have said players cannot be removed only if they are not vaccinated for the remainder of the preseason, but the league has informed clubs that they may be forced to forgo the regular season games if they can’t safely field a team in any week. due to an outbreak of COVID-19 among unvaccinated staff. Additionally, the NFL is threatening to suspend gaming controls for contests not played due to the coronavirus, and unvaccinated players can be fined $ 14,650 whenever they violate COVID-19 protocols.

Florio notes that vaccination rates will likely change once the lists are reduced, and it will be interesting to see which so-called ‘bubble players’ claim to have been cut mainly because they wouldn’t get one of the hits. safe and available. Right or wrong, the perception exists that free agents have a better chance of getting at least one try with teams if they are vaccinated: