President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr Anthony Fauci, on Sunday said it was “ possible ” the Americans would be forced to do so. wear masks until 2022 as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus.

Fauci made his comments during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union”.

Fauci hinted that “normalcy” may be a relic of the past.

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Fauci: “ It depends on what you mean by normality ”

Host Dana Bash told Fauci, “You and the President have suggested that we will be approaching normality towards the end of the year. What does normal mean? “

Then Bash asked point blank, “Do you think Americans will still wear masks, for example, in 2022?”

Fauci replied, “You know, I think it’s possible that it is. It depends on what you mean by normality. “

Bash said, “It’s true. That’s why I want you to define it.

Fauci said: “It’s important because if normalcy means exactly the way things were before it happened to us, I mean, I can’t predict.”

The doctor seemed to think the worst was behind us.

“I mean, obviously, I think we’ll have a significant degree of normalcy beyond what the terrible burden we’ve all been through over the past year as we move into the fall and winter d ‘by the end of the year, “Fauci said.

Fauci: vaccinations are essential

He added: “I fully agree with the President that we will approach a certain degree of normalcy. It may or may not be exactly as it was in November 2019, but much better than what we are doing now.

Bash again insisted on the 2022 question: “Why do you think Americans should wear masks in 2022?”

Fauci replied, “You know, because it depends on the level of dynamics of the virus in the community, and it’s really important because it comes down to something, again you said, if you see the level go down. really, really very low. “

He continued, “I want it to keep going down to such a low base level that there is virtually no threat.”

“It will never be zero, but minimal, minimal, minimal threat, you will be exposed to someone who is infected,” Fauci said.

Fauci said it was essential to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

“So if you combine getting most of the people in the country vaccinated with a very, very low level of the virus in the community, then I think you’re going to be able to say, you know, for the most part we don’t have to. not necessarily wear masks, but if we have a level of virus that is at this level that months and months ago, like 20,000 a day, it is much better than it was ” , Fauci said.

In Fauci’s explanation, “not necessarily wearing a mask” seems to do a lot of work.

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He added: “It’s still a very high level of virus in the community. I want to see it go down very low.

When would he be comfortable without more masks?

“When it goes down and the overwhelming majority of the population is vaccinated, then I would feel comfortable saying we need to take the masks off,” Fauci said.

“We don’t need masks,” concluded Dr Fauci.

2022 is far away.