CNN host Don Lemon used his show to attack Donald Trump again on Tuesday night, saying the former president was the “king of cancellation culture” because he was “canceled” by the voters.

The lemon rings

“The former president, you know, you knew he was going to be involved in all of this, right?” Issue a statement complaining about the culture of canceling the all-caps alarm clock, ”Lemon said.

“In case you missed, and our holy election, and another call for a boycott of baseball and what he calls all awakened businesses that interfere with free and fair elections,” he added. “Are you listening, Coca-Cola, Delta and all?” Boohoo cancels the crop. “

“Okay. Again, you have to look at this because it comes from the king, as they say, from the ‘kang’ where I come from, from the culture of cancellation,” he added. ” Calling Democrats calling for a boycott of companies that offend them. I give you the King of Cancellation Culture who got it in another dig at Major League Baseball today. It’s here. “

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Lemon plays the Trump video

Lemon then released a video of Trump calling Newsmax earlier today.

“You know, look, I haven’t been very interested in baseball for a few years. I think it’s not appropriate, ”Trump said. “You know, you look – you want to find a game, it’s on every channel, and yet you can’t find anything.”

“The strangest thing. It was a nice thing and easy to follow, ”said the former president. “You know what I mean by that. It was on a network, and it was beautiful and good and beautiful. Today you don’t even know what you are looking at. So I would say boycott baseball. Why not?”

Lemon has an anti-Trump merger

It seems that was enough to “trigger” Lemon.

“The king of cancellation culture can add that to his list, okay?” Because there is Coke, there is Delta. There is Major League Baseball. There is more to the king of cancellation culture, ”he said. “There is Rolling Stone.”

“There is – I mean, there is too much. I can’t even fit it to the screen, ”Lemon added. “There is HBO. There is Apple. There’s Macy’s, Univision, Fox News, AT&T, the NFL, there’s Harley-Davidson, there’s Nike, Starbucks, Goodyear, Comcast, T-Mobile, Geico, Oreo, Mexico, the Wall Street Editorial Board Newspaper, NBC, even Glenfiddich Whiskey. “

“Who was canceled? Not by canceling culture, but by what? Voters, ”Lemon concluded. “The hypocrisy and double talk and shiny objects and lying continue.”

It should be noted that if Lemon does not get his grades soon now in the wake of the Trump era, he could be “canceled” himself.

This article was written by James Samson on April 7, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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