Professional Football Hall of Fame member and outspoken analyst Deion Sanders is currently the head coach of the Jackson State Tigers, a historically Black college and university program. Like many, Sanders noticed that no HBCU player was selected in the 2021 NFL Draft, and he expressed his frustrations about it via a passionate Instagram post.

As Adam kilgore wrote for the Washington Post, Sanders was not the only person to speak out against the lack of HBCU players involved in this year’s draft.

“It’s hard to believe that no one deserves to be drafted,” said Black College Football Hall of Fame co-founder and inductee Doug Williams, who is senior advisor to the Washington football team. “To me, this is a travesty. I hope we can fix it.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some college football seasons to be postponed to the spring and others to be canceled. Despite such setbacks, the HBCU Gameday The website notes that a handful of HBCU players have received opportunities from NFL and Canadian Football League teams since the draft ended on Saturday.

In March, the Black College Football Hall of Fame ad the creation of the HBCU Legacy Bowl, an annual post-season soccer game that will feature draft-eligible HBCU players and debut in February 2022.