Critics cite potential ‘conflict of interest’ following President Biden’s announcement named Thomas Nides, husband of Virginia Moseley, CNN’s senior vice president of news gathering, as ambassador to Israel.

The Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago indicated that Nides would get the green light, citing his credentials as a “veteran diplomat and Wall Street executive.”

Biden made it official on Tuesday, announce Nides and eight other ambassadorial appointments.

Fox News reports that the selection of a spouse to a senior CNN executive raised eyebrows among media and ethics monitors.

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CNN executive spouse appointed ambassador to Israel

Media critic Jeffrey McCall spoke to Fox News about what he sees as a situation that “presents a conflict of interest” to the network.

“For the average American news consumer, this type of appointment only confirms the suspicion that the government bureaucracy is linked to the establishment media, which undermines the credibility of both entities in the process,” he said. point out McCall about Nides’ appointment as ambassador to Israel.

Lois Boynton, an associate professor who teaches ethics and public relations at the University of North Carolina, also spoke to Fox about CNN’s potential ethical conundrum.

“The situation raises concerns about conflicts of interest, which any network must resolve, no matter how much they trust their staff to fairly determine what they cover and how they cover it,” Boynton said.

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Not CNN’s first conflict of interest

The appointment of Thomas Nides, husband of CNN’s senior vice president of news gathering, is not the network’s first issue in the face of a significant conflict of interest.

CNN presenter Chris Cuomo has also been embroiled in controversy for advising his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on how to deal with allegations of sexual harassment.

Cuomo, according to Several sources for the Washington Post, “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor, his senior aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside advisers” on “how to respond to allegations of sexual harassment.”

Advising a sitting Democratic governor while claiming to be impartial on a news network is a blatant violation of journalistic standards, even for CNN.

McCall also spoke to Fox news shortly after the election, expressing dismay at a revolving door of experts joining Biden’s White House.

“Several of Biden’s new appointments are from people who served in government, then went to media gigs and are now back in government,” McCall said at the time.

“This kind of constant migration between the media and the government gives the public the distinct impression that the government and the media are basically part of the same establishment,” he added.

Nides was one of Biden’s greatest campaigns consolidators during his presidential run, served as former Assistant Secretary of State under President Barack Obama and was a close advisor to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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