Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is under investigation by the NFL as he faces 22 civil lawsuits alleging various incidents of sexual misconduct, and two of his complainants have gone public and have become again more specific about their experiences.

In the cover of Friday’s Sports Illustrated by Jenny Vrentas, Certified Massage Therapists Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley spoke into Watson’s alleged misconduct in detail and have criticized the way the NFL is handling its investigation.

Baxley’s account of his interviews with NFL personal conduct investigators Lisa Friel and Jennifer Gaffney does not present the league in its best light. According to Baxley, they did not answer their questions about the Houston Police Department:

“My forensic interview [with HPD] was very respectful and informed about trauma. They let me talk without interruption, while with Lisa Friel and the [other NFL investigator], they cut me, they questioned things, they went back. […] Trying to trip me up. They didn’t, but they were really looking for the weaknesses they felt they could exploit.

As for Solis, she was furious that one of the questions the NFL asked her was about what to wear during her massage sessions with Watson.

The attempted implication was that Solis was wearing a suggestive outfit, but Vrentas punctuated the long piece with Solis’ actual response: “I wear what I always wear when I massage: yoga pants and a T-shirt.”

Solis also said the league was “taking a stand” against women and survivors of sexual assault when it decided Watson could participate in Texan practices.

“Watson deserves a good day in court. But the NFL and Roger Goodell let me down. And they let other women down by choosing inaction, ”Solis added.

Since coming out publicly, Solis and Baxley have both suffered various forms of trauma and heckling. Solis said her private studio was broken into shortly after her April press conference where she first went public with her allegations against Watson, and Baxley’s therapist diagnosed her with complex PTSD.

Although Watson reported at the Texans’ training camp, it was more to avoid a fine than to intend to play. Before the wave of allegations against him, Watson demanded a trade in Houston, but until the NFL finishes its investigation, his career is in limbo.