Detroit Tigers pitcher Spencer Turnbull pitched a no-hitting game against the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday night. A night later, Corey Kluber pulled off the same feat for the New York Yankees for the sixth scorer of the season.

Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw praised fellow pitchers for their achievements, but also said the increase in hitting-less count doesn’t look good for the American hobby.

“Non-hitters are cool and I have all the respect in the world for Corey Kluber and [Madison Bumgarner] and all those guys who threw hits, ” Kershaw said. “But having one every night… it’s probably not good for the game.”

The record for most non-hitters in a season is seven, which means it only takes two more over the next few months for a new record to be set. At the current rate of non-hitters, that’s pretty much a guarantee that the record for most non-hitters in one season will be broken this year. Kershaw appeared to suggest that MLB’s new baseball could be partly to blame.

“The fans want to see hits, I understand that, and action and not many people are hitting,” Kershaw said. “So I appreciate the attempt the MLB has tried to make, but I think it looks like they’ve missed the mark so far.”