On Wednesday, Congressman Chip Roy did exclude the race for the GOP leadership position left after ex-president Liz Cheney ousted by her own party on Wednesday.

Just hours after Cheney was kicked out for constantly criticizing former President Donald Trump, Roy was asked if he wanted to become the next Speaker of the House Republican Conference.

Roy had previously criticized Elise Stefanik’s choice as a replacement, arguing that she was too liberal. Some Conservatives agree.

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Roy: “ I don’t believe there should be a crowning ”

“We’re here to talk about other topics, but I’ll say this, (New House GOP President Rep. Elise Stefanik) should have an opponent,” Roy said at a press conference.

Stefanik is one of the youngest members of Congress. Her influence began to increase in the GOP during the first impeachment trial, as many began to see her as the natural successor to an increasingly unpopular Liz Cheney.

“I don’t think there should be a crowning glory,” Roy told reporters Wednesday.

“I believe that if the [House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants us to be united, then he should take the time to do this the right way,” Roy added.

Before Cheney’s removal and Stefanik stepping into that role, Roy and other conservatives were already sounding the alarm that the new presumed House Chair was too liberal.

Multiple Outlets Were Reporting Wednesday That Roy Plans To Challenge Stefanik

The Political Insider reported on Tuesday, “With the vote to oust Congresswoman Liz Cheney from House Republican leadership looming, one conservative House Freedom Caucus member circulated a memo to every GOP office claiming that her presumed successor, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik isn’t much different from a Democrat.”

“On Tuesday, Congressman Chip Roy sent a memo asking the House Republican conference to reconsider Stefanik, citing her voting record, and encouraging Republicans to choose someone more conservative,” The Political Insider noted.

Multiple news outlets on Wednesday speculated that the Texas Republican already had his sights set on challenging Stefanik for her leadership seat.

And while the media regularly portrays Stefanik as hyper loyal to Donald Trump, and she even secured the endorsement of Trump himself, conservative critics have pointed out that she has regularly opposed Trump’s main platform issues

For example, Stefanik opposes the border wall. 

NPR put together a list of Stefanik’s attacks on core Trump positions. Besides opposing the wall, she attacked Trump’s position on NATO and implied he was soft on Putin. 

She opposed Trump’s move to block immigration from terror-heavy Middle East countries. 

She attacked Trump for allegedly describing some third-world nations as “sh&thole countries.”

Stefanik told the Post-Star that “I disagree with his (Trump) position on Russia. I believe that Russia is an adversary,” Stefanik said. “In terms of Russia’s use of cyberattacks, in terms of Russia’s use of information operation and influence campaigns, I’m deeply concerned.”

Further, she backed the so-called Mueller investigation: “I disagree on his (Trump) attacks on law enforcement and the Department of Justice. I have confidence in the Mueller investigation. I have repeatedly and explicitly said that I support the Mueller investigation.”

Stefanik opposed Trump’s efforts to replace NAFTA, and is a proponent of comprehensive immigration reform – which conservative critics, along with Trump, argue is little more than amnesty.

It seems Roy may have a point.

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When asked about the potential for a challenge from Roy, Stefanik told reportes on Wednesday, “We have a great support conference-wide.” 


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