Huge two-day underwater avalanche sent mud 1,000 km into the ocean | Africa

A vast underwater avalanche sent mud and sand more than 1,000 km into the ocean in two days, breaking submarine cables and disrupting internet traffic on Africa’s west coast, revealed scientists. The avalanche, the longest sediment flow on record, traveled more than 1,100 km from its source at the mouth of the Congo River along […]

Victoria’s Covid restrictions ‘on track’ to ease from Friday as two cases were recorded | Victoria

Victorians are “on track” to take advantage of Covid’s relaxed restrictions from Friday, Acting Prime Minister James Merlino said, with the two new cases announced in the state on Tuesday being linked to existing cases. Health officials also revealed that genomic sequencing linked the Delta strain of Covid-19 that spread in western Melbourne to a […]

Audio shows how Giuliani pressured Ukrainian officials to announce the Biden investigation | Rudy Giuliani

Recently revealed audio of a phone call in 2019 showed how Rudy Giuliani pressured Ukrainian officials to investigate baseless allegations about Joe Biden, CNN reported Monday. In the appeal, Giuliani, then a lawyer for Donald Trump, pushes Ukrainian officials to the call to publicly announce an investigation into Trump’s rival in 2020. “All we need […]

Keira Knightley says every woman she knows has been harassed | Sexual harassment

Keira Knightley has explained how sexual harassment is such a serious problem that she “literally” does not know any woman who has not been subjected to it, including herself. The British actor said that, from trial and error to flash, “everyone” has been harassed in one way or another. Speaking in an interview with Harper’s […]

Australia Urged to Take Control of Cocos .cc Internet Domain to Outsmart Scammers and Child Abuse Sites | Australia News

The .cc internet domain for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands should be claimed by the Australian government to prevent it from being abused by crooks and people hosting child abuse websites, researchers from the UK said. ‘Australian National University. As part of the system that governs domain names on the Internet, the .cc suffix was introduced […]

Australian News Live: Renewed calls for Biloela family relocation, Melbourne enters 12th day of lockdown | Australia News

I think what’s worth it is that we have strong border protections in this country that ensured that we didn’t have the excruciating and tragic trade of people that we saw about 10 years ago. years … Of all the courts, none have found this family to have refugee status. Therefore, they are not allowed […]

Morning Mail: Biloela’s Daughter Evacuated, Elderly Vaccinations, New Australian Dinosaur |

gHello. It’s Tuesday, June 8, and here’s Imogen Dewey with today’s top stories: One in four voters thinks the Morrison government does a “bad” job of managing the Covid-19, the Ben roberts smith the trial continues and a huge new dinosaur was found in Australia. The youngest daughter of Biloela’s Tamil family who have been […]

24,000-year-old organisms found frozen in Siberia may still reproduce | Zoology

A microscopic worm-like creature labeled “evolution scandal”By biologists for thriving for millions of years without having sex, it has now been shown to persist for at least 24,000 years in Siberian permafrost, then reproduce, researchers have found. An exclusively female multicellular invertebrate, the bdelloid rotifers are already renowned for their radiation resistance and the ability […]

Elections in Mexico: President Amlo fails to obtain super-majority in mid-term | Mexico

Mexican voters denied President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a mega-majority in the midterm elections, although his Morena party retained its majority in the lower house of Congress with the backing of a controversial ally. Voters also showed little enthusiasm for Mexico’s right-wing opposition, which remains vilified after its decisive 2018 loss to López Obrador, who […]

Is hormone-treated beef bad for us? | Australia News

Almost half of Australian cattle are treated with growth hormones to speed up weight gain. Australian regulators say these hormones are safe and legal, but in the EU and UK they are banned. However, a new free trade agreement currently under negotiation could lead to a policy change in the UK and boost Australian beef […]