Republicans hit back at Neanderthal insult from ‘unity president’ Biden

Republicans are retaliate against President Joe Biden after insulting states by opening up and rejecting drastic COVID restrictions as adherents of “Neanderthal thinking.” Biden insulted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Wednesday as they announced they would start canceling mask warrants and other COVID security measures. As Biden explained the current […]

Kayleigh McEnany Jabs Jen Psaki: Never had to ‘go back’

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took a hit on her successor Jen Psaki, saying she didn’t need to “do a lot of tricks” with reporters because she did a lot of research and had access to her boss. McEnany, who was recently announced as a Fox News contributor, made the comments during an […]

Bipartisan group of senators introduce bill to strip President Joe Biden of war powers

On Wednesday, a bipartisan group of US senators introduced legislation it would deprive President Joe Biden of the powers of war. If passed, the bill would repeal the 1991 authorizations for the use of military force in Iraq and the 2002 AUMF passed in the aftermath of 9/11. This movement is led by Republican Senator […]

Kinzinger tears up Trump for CPAC speech – says ex-president ‘just needed his monthly dose of worship’

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) continued CNN Tuesday to blame Donald Trump for the CPAC speech he gave last weekend, saying he was “really bored” during that speech because it was like many other than the former president had spoken before. Kinzinger attacks Trump “I think it was the first time we’ve heard Donald Trump speak,” […]

Promoting anti-police myths won’t make us safer

By Jason Johnson For RealClearPolicy As the House of Representatives considers that “George Floyd Justice in the Police Services Act 2021This week, supporters of the bill are rightly speaking out against pernicious stereotypes and generalizations based on race. Yet many of those who rightly condemn these dangerous biases and the lies on which they are […]

Senate lowers income threshold for stimulus checks, prepares to vote on $ 1.9 trillion COVID bill

The Senate came to an agreement with President Joe Biden that lower income limits required to receive a coronavirus stimulus check for $ 1,400. The Hill reports that the new levels will be $ 75,000 per year for individuals and $ 150,000 for couples. This is a reduction from levels in the House version of […]

Job creation, not a minimum wage of $ 15, will reduce poverty

By Andy Puzder for RealClearPolitics Although the Senate parliamentarian has rejected their efforts to include a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour in President Biden’s alleged COVID-19 relief bill, Senate Democrats are scrambling to find a way to include it . Their efforts demonstrate the importance of this issue for the progressive left. But […]

Senator Tim Scott criticizes Democrats for ‘George Floyd’ bill after rejecting his police reforms

On Tuesday, the only black Republican in the US Senate, Tim Scott, criticized House Democrats for their upcoming police reform bill, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JIPA). Because last year, when Senator Scott introduced his Police Reform Bill, the Justice Act, the Senate Obstructed Democrats despite the support of both parties. Scott mentionned […]

Democratic Senator Hirono blames Trump’s rhetoric for alleged increase in anti-Asian hate crimes

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) spoke out on Sunday to blame former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 rhetoric for an alleged increase in anti-Asian hate crimes. “You were the first Asian-American woman elected to the Senate, a striking spurt of anti-Asian hate crimes here in America. Why is this happening and what needs to be done about […]

Biden ‘took away my livelihood,’ says fired pipeline worker

Jason Jernigan is a laid-off Keystone XL pipeline employee who lost his job after President Joe Biden shut him down. Monday he continued Fox News say that Biden’s decision has left him unsure of how he will make a living in the future. Laid off pipeline worker speaks out “I’ve spent my whole life learning […]