Official Pentagon website boasts of Tucker Carlson’s comments on pregnant soldiers

On Thursday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson came under heavy criticism from the Pentagon for his comments about pregnant soldiers and the warning that the military is too worried about gender and diversity as global power and China’s military continues to increase. The official website of the Ministry of Defense published an article entitled “Press […]

Violent insurgents attack Portland federal courthouse

Federal lawyers were Scattered in Portland, Ore. on Thursday night, as violent extremists set fire to and smash windows, in an attack on a federal courthouse. “Dozens of protesters gathered near the courthouse Thursday night, and some of them smashed the window of the federal building and started fires,” reported. Federal officers responded by […]

Pelosi says Americans overwhelmingly support Democrat control bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke out Thursday morning to say Americans “overwhelmingly” support the Democratic-sponsored universal background check legislation just passed by the House as last gun control measure from the left. Pelosi discusses gun control bill Just before the House voted on the legislation, HR 8, Pelosi spoke in comments released by CSPAN. […]

Predictable train wrecks of left-wing crime and immigration policies

By Charles Lipson for RealClearPolitics If you think about it really well, perhaps you can imagine more dire policies than opening up our country’s southern border and abandoning criminal law enforcement city after city. The consequences are already being felt and they are grim. It is important to examine them without ideological blinders so that […]

Mexico fears ‘migrant president’ Biden’s border policies are contributing to organized crime

Representatives of the Mexican government are reportedly concerned that President Biden’s border policies encourage illegal immigration and lead to an explosion of gang activity on the border. Reuters, which has had the opportunity to review internal assessments and speak with officials, reveals that Mexico is seeing an alarming increase in organized crime as a direct […]

Pelosi call aims to prevent ‘imbalanced’ Trump from accessing nuclear codes

Government Watch Group Judicial Watch ad a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to gain access to a phone call between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and General Mark Milley, shortly after the Capitol riots. The call was revealed in a letter from Pelosi to Democratic lawmakers in which she described an attempt to bar a […]

Watch: Senator Tim Scott’s ‘Woke Supremacy’ Commentary Melts Don Lemon

CNN anchor Don Lemon landed on Senator Tim Scott to say “Awakened supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.” Scott made the comment in response to MSNBC anchor Joy Reid who had suggested Scott (R-SC) was simply a token Republican. Reid was pissed off last week by Scott’s attendance at a GOP press conference of […]

Trump drops official endorsement, urges ‘legendary Herschel Walker’ to run for Senate seat in Georgia

Former President Donald Trump issued an official press release on Wednesday urging college and professional football legend Herschel Walker to consider Georgia’s candidacy for the US Senate. Trump’s announcement came via email from his Save America PAC. Since being censored on almost every major social media platform, Trump has used press releases to get his […]

Gavin Newsom admits ‘I made mistakes’ as calls grow for him to be recalled

In his State of the Union address at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night, Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom admitted he made mistakes as calls continued to rise for him to be recalled for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Newsom admits he ‘made mistakes’ “Look, we made mistakes,” Newsom said in his speech, according […]

As George Floyd’s trial begins, poll shows support for BLM crater, support for rise of police

On Monday, the jury selection began in the trial of former minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, an incident that sparked mass protests and violence across the country last summer. But as the trial begins, more information about what happened that day comes to light, and more Americans from all […]