Former President George W. Bush took another shot to the Republican Party, saying that if they fail to become a more inclusive party, they will “gain nothing.”

Bush made the comments during an interview on The Dispatch Podcast last week, led by Sarah Isgur and Stephen F. Hayes.

Isgur asked whether Bush thought he could stay in the Republican Party if certain elements continued to push purity tests in favor of “Anglo-Saxon traditions.”

Bush hinted that if this push continues, “there will be no party” before expressing the need to embrace immigration.

“The idea of ​​saying you can only be a Republican ‘if’, then the ultimate extension of that is that it ends up being a one-man party,” he said.

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Bush continues to tear apart the Republican Party

It’s funny to hear George W. Bush attack the Republican Party when the Democratic Party, during his two terms, called him Nazi war criminal if he has not joined their purity tests.

Hayes continued on the theme, suggesting that there are elements in the GOP that are just louder than the moderates and that “they were talking about creating a caucus.”

Hayes’ comments referred to an “ America First ” caucus that has been The original idea of ​​Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) before being scrapped.

“You know, to me that basically means we want to be extinct,” Bush replied.

Hayes asked Bush if he was among the “50% of Republicans across the country” who believe the 2020 election was stolen.

“No. I guess I’m one of the other 50%,” he replied.

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“ I’m not going to win anything ”

Bush said he was a “proud” member of the Republican Party, but issued a stern warning.

“I know that,” he told Hayes, “that if the Republican Party is all about exclusivity, you know there were country clubs, now it’s obvious that’s Anglo-Saxon Protestantism. white, then he will not gain anything.

George W. Bush took a little heat a few weeks ago during an interview with the Today program in which he critical Today’s GOP and former President Donald Trump.

In this interview, Bush targeted Republicans whom he described as “isolationist, protectionist and, to some extent, nativist.”

Bush further suggested he would back a moderate candidate with gun control and amnesty-friendly views in 2024.

Politico reports:

“Bush was hopeful that a more moderate Republican – a Republican who supported reasonable gun reform, increased funding for public schools, and a path to citizenship for undocumented workers, among other policies – could succeed in the party’s presidential primary in 2024. “

If he was truly concerned with uniting around a common cause, he would be pushing the conservative values ​​that truly define the Republican Party.

Do not appear in friendly media where they gleefully listen to his attacks on Trump and his supporters. It comes to a point where Bush might as well change his last name to McCain.

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