On Wednesday evening, President Joe Biden reiterated his call to ban so-called “assault weapons” and bragged about his work in passing the 1994 assault weapons ban while he was a senator.

Biden made his comments at a CNN town hall.

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Biden brags about assault weapons ban in 1994

During town hall, Biden was asked what the federal government can do to “respond” to gun violence.

“I’m the only one who ever passed a law when I was a senator to make sure we get rid of assault weapons,” Biden said.

The president told the town hall: “The idea that you need a weapon capable of firing 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 rounds with this weapon, whether it is a 9mm pistol or a rifle, is ridiculous.

Biden seemed to be referring to different sizes of magazines – since any gun “can” fire hundreds of shots.

“I keep pushing to eliminate the sale of these things, but I’m not likely to do that in the short term,” Biden added.

In April, the Biden-Harris administration announced it would push for more gun restrictions and other measures related to gun violence, through an executive order if necessary.

A White House Statement read: “President Biden reiterates his call on Congress to pass legislation to reduce gun violence.”

“Last month, a bipartisan coalition in the House passed two bills to address shortcomings in the firearms background check system,” the statement said. “Congress should address these loopholes and go further, including shutting down ‘boyfriends’ and tracking down loopholes that currently allow people tried by courts as abusers to own guns, banning guns. assault and high-capacity magazines, repealing the liability immunity of gun manufacturers, and investing in evidence-based community violence interventions.

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Biden: “This administration will not wait for Congress to act to take its own measures”

“Congress should also pass appropriate national ‘red flag’ law, as well as legislation urging states to pass their own ‘red flag’ laws. adds the statement.

The so-called “red flag” laws allow law enforcement to seize the firearms of individuals without full due process of law – people who are not convicted of any crime may have their firearms confiscated.

The administration said, “But this administration will not wait for Congress to act to take its own steps – fully within the authority of the administration and the Second Amendment – to save lives.”

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