Yine de X80 Pro Plus yok

Hadlee Simons / Android Otoritesi Vivo X80 ve X80 Pro, bu yılın başlarında Çin’de duyuruldu ve esasen sırasıyla X70 Pro ve X70 Pro Plus’ın kaldığı yerden devam etti. Şimdi, Vivo’nun 2022 için üst düzey telefonları küresel bir lansman aldı. Standart X80 ile başlayarak, geçen yıl X70 ve X70 Pro’ya kıyasla büyük bir güç artışına sahiptir. […]

CNBC Host Corners Biden Transportation Secretary Buttigieg, Who Thinks Raising Taxes Will Solve Inflation

On Monday, CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin challenged Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on just how the administration is planning on taking on the nation’s ongoing inflation crisis. Sorkin specifically was interested in President Biden’s claim that raising taxes will somehow combat inflation. Behold, your leader’s solution: You want to bring down inflation? Let’s make […]

Justice Clarence Thomas Hammers the Media: ‘I’ll Leave the Court When I Do My Job As Poorly As You Do Yours’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hammered the mainstream media during a recent event, stating he’d be willing to leave his seat on the court when his job performance was as bad as theirs. Thomas, often a target of the liberal media, made his remarks at the Old Park conference on Friday. The conversation had rotated […]

Washington Post Runs Article Demanding George Washington University Change It’s Name Because Of ‘White Supremacy’

Last week, prelaw student Caleb Francois of the George Washington University penned an op-ed arguing for changing the name of his university in the name of racial justice. The fact that we live in a country where people are taught to hate our Founding Fathers is not the most bizarre aspect of this story, however. […]

Megyn Kelly Rips Media For Blaming Tucker Carlson For Buffalo Shooter

Megyn Kelly defended Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson from attacks by the media that have blamed his commentary and opinion for the recent Buffalo shooting. As is practically protocol at this point, the media swiftly capitalized on the mass shooting by Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old, self-described “authoritarian leftist” and “white supremacist,” and tried tying it […]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Calls Out Biden For Claiming Raising Taxes Will Fix Inflation

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took to Twitter this weekend to call out the Biden Administration’s role in causing record high inflation. The feud began on May 13 when President Joe Biden tweeted, “You want to bring down inflation? Let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.” A comment that clearly struck a nerve […]

The Supreme Court Abortion Draft Leak Is A Threat To Our Republic

By Michael Warren for RealClearPublicAffairs On May 2, Politico published a draft majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case heard by the US Supreme Court that would reverse Roe v. Wade- the landmark case that found a constitutional federal right to abortion. The resulting media frenzy proves that the leak is […]

PC’niz için en iyi antivirüs yazılımı

Virüsler, kötü amaçlı yazılımlar ve diğer güvenlik riskleri, bilgisayarınıza bulaşırsa size çok pahalıya mal olabilir. Yalnızca verilerinizi kaybetmekle kalmaz, aynı zamanda potansiyel olarak donanımınıza zarar verebilir veya daha da kötüsü kimliğiniz ve mali durumunuz gibi gerçek dünyadaki varlıkları tehlikeye atabilirsiniz. Doğal olarak, kendinizi güvenlik risklerinden korumak idealdir. Bunu yapmanın en iyi yolu, PC’niz için en […]

House Democrats Plan Vote On Domestic Terrorism Bill After Buffalo Shooting

The effort by the media and Democrat politicians to use the recent shooting in Buffalo, New York for political points kicked in to high gear, with the announcement that House Democrats are planning to bring a “domestic terrorism” bill to a vote. HR 350, the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, introduced two weeks after the Capitol […]

‘What An A**hole’: Dean Cain Flattens Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell For Falsely Claiming California Church Shooter GOP’s ‘Boy’

Democrat Eric Swalwell tangled with the wrong guy (Superman) and was on the receiving end of some well-earned criticism after falsely tying the church shooting in Laguna Woods, California to Republicans. On Sunday, a 68-year-old Chinese man from Las Vegas opened fire at the church, allegedly deliberately targeting Taiwanese churchgoers, killing one person and wounding […]