Yeah, but why are you making an announcement in the middle of the night about threats of five years in prison and massive fines and then a few days later say we won’t enforce the law. There is of course a separation of powers … between law enforcement and lawmakers, but it’s quite extraordinary.

The fact that the government made this announcement of course late on Friday evening or Saturday morning after having had meetings with Indian community leaders on Friday, didn’t bother to mention that it was coming, and then on Sunday we had another double. the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Health officials posted a different story on Monday, saying it wasn’t based on advice but of course they don’t make the rules and yesterday morning we had Scott Morrison saying virtually no chance, “almost zero opportunity” to implement the laws and then today on your program that we had – it has now become absolutely zero possibility.

It’s a mess. The government should make the right vaccines and put in place a good quarantine. Scott Morrison has said Australians will be brought home by Christmas and we know more than 35,000 Australians remain stranded abroad.