First of all, the nurse on site intervened and I would like to thank her for her strength of character and professionalism.

Second, the contractor – the doctor in question – resigned from the program.

Third, patient monitoring – which is the most important thing – has been ongoing, the partnership between the Commonwealth Institution and Queensland Health and I want to thank Queensland Health and in particular the Queensland Director of Health as well as the Queensland Minister.

She and he were in touch late last night and early this morning. And in particular, the Chief Medical Officer engaged in the early work on the incidents and Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul kidd, a reputable GP, will review the events, make recommendations, but each participant can only participate in the vaccination as long as they have completed the training and therefore we will look at what the circumstances were.

This will continue and we will provide public advice. But the most important thing is that we are committed to transparency.

When we know, we provide that information. And significantly, the patients themselves are showing, at this point, on the last advice I have, five minutes before joining us, absolutely no side effects.

This is in line with the fact that doses significantly higher than those ultimately chosen were chosen in the first clinical trials around the world.