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If you are over 50, you may be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine sooner than expected. Australia plans to move to a two-phase deployment plan as states pressurize the federal government to ship the needles sooner.

Although he is generally on good terms with the Commonwealth, the Premier of New South Wales Glady Berejiklian lambasted the vaccine rollout ahead of the national cabinet meeting yesterday, suggesting that anyone over 50 who wants the vaccine should be able to get one now that AstraZeneca’s supply has increased.

It was a sentiment shared by other state leaders as well.

At the end of this national cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state leaders had reached an agreement in principle to provide vaccines for those over 50 and to prepare mass vaccination sites for the rest of the population.

But the plan, which will be described in detail on Thursday, will be based on an increased supply and distribution of vaccines.

Australia’s vaccination program started flouting when there was a shortfall in exports from Europe and took a second boost with concerns over links between AstraZeneca injection and blood clots in those under 50.

AstraZeneca supplies are expected to be redirected towards those over 50 as part of the revised plan, following advice given to the national cabinet by medical experts.

But, although Australian pharmaceutical company CSL now produces over a million doses of AZ per week, there is about a month delay before these are released as drugs are tested for safety. final lots.

After the meeting, Berejiklian seemed optimistic, saying Morrison was committed to providing more “accurate” information on vaccine supplies (the lack of transparency being one of his main grievances).

She said the immunization program should give states the opportunity to “grow” when supplies become available.

We have to be ready, because the faster we can vaccinate our population … the better for us, and also in terms of economy, employment and international trade.

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