Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) spoke on Sunday to tell CNN he would not support former President Donald Trump if he runs again in 2024.

Hutchinson speaks out on Trump

“The former president is teasing a race again in 2024. Would you ever support him?” asked host Dana Bash.

“No I will not. It’s about time, and he has a good family ” Hutchinson said. “I’ve worked with Ivanka and others, and they love America. But I would not support him for his re-election in 2024. He is going to have a voice, but like the former presidents do, but there are a lot of votes in the party.

“Again, it shouldn’t define our future,” he continued. “We have to define it ourselves, and it has to be based on the principles that have given us strength in America.”

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“We have to respond to people who love Trump,” he added. “We need to respond and identify with the issues that won him the first election and supported him throughout his presidency.

“There is one we need to reach out to, but it’s based on conservative principles and reach out to blue collar voters who are important and identify with him because he fights for them, and we need to take that message, but we just have to handle it in a different way with different personalities, ”Hutchinson said.

Will Hurd agrees

Former Texas Rep. Will Hurd, a Republican who retired at the end of 2020, made similar comments in an interview with MSNBC’s “Meet The Press”.

“He’s a president who has lost the House, the Senate, the White House in four years,” Hurd said. “I think the last person to do this was Herbert Hoover and it was in the Great Depression. And, you know, when you look at the 2020 election, the number of successful Republicans far outnumbered President Trump.

Trump has yet to confirm he will run again in 2024. It remains to be seen what kind of support he will receive if he chooses to do so.

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This article was written by James Samson on February 22, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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