The Los Angeles Lakers are at risk of missing out on the first round of the playoffs as their streak with the Phoenix Suns is tied at 2-2 and Anthony Davis could miss Game 5 with a groin injury. If the defending champions are unable to do a deep run, we could see some serious changes to their roster this offseason.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report spoke with several NBA executives about the challenges the Lakers will face in the coming months. The majority of their salary cap is currently dedicated to Anthony Davis and LeBron James, and both superstars’ injuries this season have been a reminder of how LA could use a third star. Is Kyle Lowry a veteran who could play this role?

Dennis Schroder is set to become a free agent this offseason. The playmaker previously turned down a four-year, $ 84 million extension offer from the Lakers when they acquired it commercially last year. There have been reports that Schroder is unhappy with his role in LA and wants to sign with a team that will allow him to be “the guy”.

As Fischer notes, this could provide the Lakers with an opportunity to strike a signing-and-trade deal. However, Lowry is also set to become a free agent, so the Toronto Raptors have reportedly made a deal with him to bring him to LA as well. It’s unclear whether Schroder would benefit from playing for the Raptors, and he would obviously need to accept the sign part of the signing and the trade.

Lowry is 35, but still averaged 17.2 points, 7.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game against a poor Raptors team this season. He’s the kind of veteran who could definitely help the Lakers, and they were one of the many teams that chased him earlier this year. They could resume talks with Toronto this offseason, but the situation is much more complicated now.