The NFL and NFL Players Association have said since the spring that they do not require players to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in the next regular season, but unvaccinated players can be fined 14,650. $ whenever they violate pandemic health and safety protocols. Those who are not vaccinated must continue to follow strict guidelines similar to those installed for the 2020 campaign before the vaccines are readily available, so that players who do not receive the vaccines will have, on paper, “more than difficulties “from August to the end of this season.

While touching on the subject of the potential NFL and NFLPA deal on mandatory player vaccines, Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk reported “‘a ton’ of star players oppose the vaccine.” Florio added that a source “on the management side of the ledger” told him that the players’ mandatory coronavirus vaccines “will not and could not happen, that the union would never approve it” .

Since Wednesday morning, alone five NFL teams were below an 88% COVID-19 vaccination rate among players, and 90% of league players had received at least one shot of the vaccine. With those rates rising or falling after clubs cut rosters later this month, could lead to awkward locker room conversations, especially for teams responsible for the lowest rates in the league.