Police watchdog accused of skewing report to support crackdown on protests | UK News

The official police inspectorate demonstrated repeated prejudices in favor of the police and against peaceful protesters by drafting a report supporting the government’s crackdown, a whistleblower alleged. The complainant claims that a protest report released in March this year was biased in favor of the government’s point of view, with conclusions being drawn before the […]

Donald Trump tells supporters he ‘hopes’ he runs again in 2024

In one interview Along with Lara Trump, former President Donald Trump told his supporters there was “hope” that he would run for the White House again in 2024. Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, asked him if supporters should hope for another run. “You have hope, I can tell you, you have hope,” Trump said […]

WCA: Calling wave of migrants at the border a “ wave ” or “ invasion ” promotes white supremacy

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) challenged the border crisis labeled a “push,” saying the term promotes a “militarist cadre” which is “a white supremacist idea.” AOC, a far-left member of the “ Squad ”, made the comments during an Instagram Live session Tuesday night with his followers. “They mean, ‘But what about the surge?’” Ocasio-Cortez said. […]

Texas Court to Hear Appeal from Woman Sentenced to Jail for Voting When Ineligible | Texas

Sign up for the Guardian’s Fight to Vote newsletter. Texas’ highest court of criminal appeals on Wednesday said it would hear an appeal from a Texas woman who had been sentenced to five years in prison for voting when she was inadvertently ineligible in 2016. The case gained national attention because of the harshness of […]

Terrell Owens grateful to be alive after horrific car crash

Things could have been much worse for Terrell Owens, who escaped a horrific car crash without injuries. The Hall of Fame catcher posted photos on Instagram of the three car crash he was involved in recently. It is not known what caused the accident. Many athletes offered their support and prayers to Owens in the […]

EU takes Poland to court over law that “harms judges” | European Commission

The European Commission has said it is taking Poland to the Union’s highest court for a reform which it says undermines the independence of judges and prevents them from applying EU law, attracting an immediate and provocative response from Warsaw. In the latest round of a long-standing rule of law dispute, Brussels said on Wednesday […]

Watergate Mastermind radio legend and Talk curator G. Gordon Liddy dead at 90

G. Gordon Liddy, a re-election campaign agent for Richard Nixon in 1972 who played a central role in the Watergate scandal, died at the age of 90 Tuesday. His death was confirmed by Liddy’s son Thomas. COVID-19 was not a factor in his death. After Watergate, Liddy rose to fame on the radio. G. Gordon […]

Italy expels two Russian officials for alleged purchase of secret files | Italy

Italy has expelled two Russian officials after the arrest of an Italian naval captain for allegedly passing confidential documents to one of them. The police said they intervened “during a clandestine meeting” between the Italian and a Russian military official and “immediately after the transfer of a document by the Italian officer in exchange for […]

Sticky & Sweet: 17 Delicious Ways With Maple Syrup – From Pecan Pie To Sour Whiskey | The food

II’ve often wanted to get into the maple syrup game – buy Canadian woods, drill holes, hang buckets under faucets. It seems like a low stress hobby, and you get summers. It turns out that they don’t hang buckets under the taps much anymore. These days, they run hundreds of feet of blue plastic piping […]