The CBDT said on Saturday that the income tax agency has detected more than 200 crore in “undisclosed” income after it recently raided some filmmakers, distributors and financiers in Tamil Nadu.

The searches were launched on 2 August and involved around 40 unidentified organizations in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and Vellore.

The department claimed to have seized 26 billion rupees in “undisclosed” cash and more than 3 billion rupees in gold jewelry during the raids.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said in a statement that the search operation has resulted in the detection of more than 200 crore in undisclosed income so far.

It was stated that the ministry confiscated a large number of documents, digital devices related to “unaccounted” cash transactions and investments, and even uncovered “secret and secret” buildings.

In the case of film production houses, tax evasion was found to be present, as the actual amounts from the release of the films were much higher than the amounts shown in the normal ledgers.

“The undisclosed revenue generated by them is used for undisclosed investments and various undisclosed payments,” the CBDT said.

The Board is the administrative body of the division.

In the case of the film distributors, the seized documents showed that “unaccounted cash” was being collected from the cinemas, the statement said.

“According to the evidence, distributors formed unions and systematically suppressed theatrical collections, resulting in suppression of actual revenue,” he claimed.

The CBDT said that so far, the search operation has resulted in the detection of more than 200 crore of undisclosed revenue.